Headshot of Brett Bonfield
Photo by Cindi Blyberg
Disappearing Moment is written by BrettBonfield (he/him), a librarian and vegan living in Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.

It consists of a newsletter, which I publish on the last day of every month, and posts, which I publish here on this website. It is dedicated to two ideas:

  1. Save the time of the reader (one of the Five Laws of Library Science established by S.R. Ranganathan)
  2. In music, as in everything, the disappearing moment of experience is the firmest reality (a quote by Benjamin Boretz)

Most newsletters have the following sections:

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Posts cover topics, generally in 500 words or fewer, that do not fit the newsletter format. You can read them on this website or subscribe to Posts via RSS.

I manage this website with Hugo. It features the Etch theme and the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font, and I host it on Sourcehut. I host my newsletter on Buttondown.