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I first published this list in the February 2022 issue of my monthly newsletter, and update it as I add and delete feeds. You can find snapshots of this page at the Internet Archive. NetNewsWire is a great app for following and reading feeds.

It Is Difficult to Get Someone to Understand Something When Their Salary Depends Upon Their Not Understanding It

On January 13, 2024, I added notes to indicate which writers use Nazi-apologists Substack. Leaving Substack is hard. Writers believe their readers won’t follow them off of Substack, threatening their income. Creating a new publishing process is confusing and time-consuming.

I waited over three months, until April 18, 2024, to stop following the writers who continued to publish on Substack. When they stop using it, I’ll start following their work again.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend Molly White’s, “Citation Needed has a new home” and Casey Newton’s, “Why Platformer is leaving Substack.” Like Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Threads, WhatsApp), TikTok, and X, Substack does far more harm than good. It’s disappointing that many of my favorite writers don’t seem to care.

These are the writers, none of whom use Substack, whose work I follow:

Inclusion Rider

These are the Inclusion Rider percentages for my Roll: