Disappearing Moment


I first published this list in the February 2022 issue of my monthly newsletter, and update it as I add and delete feeds. You can find snapshots of this page at the Internet Archive. NetNewsWire is a great app for following and reading feeds.

It Is Difficult to Get Someone to Understand Something When Their Salary Depends Upon Their Not Understanding It

On January 13, 2024, I added notes to indicate which writers use Nazi-apologists Substack. Leaving Substack is hard, so I’ll wait a few more weeks to see if these writers switch to another publisher before I unsubscribe. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend Molly White’s, “Citation Needed has a new home” and Casey’ Newton’s, “Why Platformer is leaving Substack.”

Inclusion Rider

These are the Inclusion Rider percentages for my Roll: